angel cloud

I’m thrilled and honored you found me! I love to share, and it’s so much fun to connect and play with others!

This world can be a crazy place. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful and full of magic.

Check out this photo for example.

I captured this moment when I took a ride to the river and was contemplating letting go of something that was an integral part of my life.

For me I saw an angel surrounded by a heart, that reminded me I’m unconditionally loved and fully supported ~ always.

Not some of the time. Not only if I’m obedient, look a certain way, or drive a specific car. ALWAYS.

I sometimes forget this.

Especially when the universe lands a drop kick, but I have managed to always bounce back.

And it’s become a game to see how quickly I can do it, because I wholeheartedly believe we are Here (on this fan-freakin’-tastic playground) for the JOY of it and that Living in Alignment is the secret password.

Let’s play!


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