angelIn my family, I was an exuberant little girl enthusiastic for life and not here to be held back, my overworked mom often took comfort that her mother watched over me. Although I never met my Grandma Elizabeth I often felt connected to her guiding presence. Stories of guardian angels watching over and protecting us were told in Sunday school and frankly, it was easier to ask these non-threatening beings for help, rather than the bearded man in the sky.

Subsequently, my angels rescued me countless times. Like when I was 9 years old and got stuck in a construction ditch, or at 15 when I walked away after being dragged by my car, and at 19 when I chose not to marry my high school sweetheart just because I was pregnant.

These benevolent beings not only protected me, they influenced situations in my favor. Although for reasons that defy logic, Mark Gellings never did give me the time of day in Middle School. Regardless, my angels are extremely generous.

Blundering through the human condition, I lost sight of the unseen forces available to me as adulthood took over. I became a typical stressed out working mother, attempting to do it all. Pleasing others and proving myself worthy, the side effects from my Catholic education, meant I rarely considered my own needs. After one of the most stressful periods in my life, I rekindled my love affair with the angels when I made the conscious choice to dedicate time toward my spiritual expansion.

I began to ask for their help—a huge step for an uptight control freak—and the results were amazing. Life became fun again, magical in fact.

Then a Saturday afternoon trip to town turned into my worst nightmare as I faced the possibility of losing a child or two. We were forced into a rollover accident on a mountain highway.

Recalling that if it’s not your time the angels will save you, “Help us get through this!” became my mantra.

My car ended upright. I stood in the median and breathed in appreciation for us being alive and uninjured. A burly truck driver walked up to me his un-tucked plaid shirt and dingy baseball hat seemed comforting. “I called 911 and help is on the way. Is everyone okay?” I nodded as I grabbed onto his arms and proclaimed, “My angels saved us!” He thought I was insane. I thought he was an angel.

There’s no doubt the angels protected us. They took my Guardian Angel visor clip to prove it, This “accident” was divinely orchestrated to get me to focus on what’s important in life. When I cleaned out my car, I found my grandmother’s gold watch in the console. She still watches over me.

When life circumstances are unpleasant and I suffer it’s because I have forgotten to ask. Angels aren’t allowed to interfere with free will. Just ask. Simple but it’s essential to remember. It’s best to ask for help, without attaching to an outcome, which is pretty difficult for me, but when I turn it over to my angels, I know that they got it covered far better than I could hope.

Don’t forget to ask your angels for help whenever you find yourself scrambling to do it all this holiday season and every day after. You’ll find that they come through in exciting ways, through unexpected people, and they may even give you the courage to say no to a commitment that doesn’t feel right.

Take a hot bath, put your feet up, and relax because your angels are on it. Be replenished by their gifts of peacefulness and ease. Then give your loved ones the greatest gift of all ~ your presence.

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