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Hello & Welcome!

angel cloud

I’m thrilled and honored you found me! I love to share, and it’s so much fun to connect and play with others!

This world can be a crazy place. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful and full of magic.

Check out this photo for example.

I captured this moment when I took a ride to the river and was contemplating letting go of something that was an integral part of my life.

For me I saw an angel surrounded by a heart, that reminded me I’m unconditionally loved and fully supported ~ always.

Not some of the time. Not only if I’m obedient, look a certain way, or drive a specific car. ALWAYS.

I sometimes forget this.

Especially when the universe lands a drop kick, but I have managed to always bounce back.

And it’s become a game to see how quickly I can do it, because I wholeheartedly believe we are Here (on this fan-freakin’-tastic playground) for the JOY of it and that Living in Alignment is the secret password.

Let’s play!


Not-so-Sweet Charity

I’m not a prude, but the ba-ba-ba-ba-bum of the trumpet made my stomach turn. I was unfamiliar with Sweet Charity, but that song is unmistakable. Big Spender means strippers, but this was a high school production!sweetCharityLogo

When I accepted these tickets, I wasn’t prepared to watch girls, as young as 13, dance in negligees and short dresses. A few bent over to expose a garter and black Spanx. They lined up along the barre into suggestive poses. Put on display for the big spenders (teenage boys) to walk across the stage and select one to “dance” with.

The whipped cream on top was the bedroom scene. The bed had a canopy rail with burgundy sheets that enclosed the sides. A couple climbed onto the bed, the girl crawled up from behind him. (more…)

Your Love Lifted Me Higher

The one-year anniversary is quickly approaching and he’s on my mind more than ever. Pangs of guilt hit me, as 20130508_145559I imagine scenarios in which I could have done things differently forcing a different outcome. I thought I had made peace with Dink’s death, but my attempt to recreate the past means a residue of suffering remains.

I remind myself of the many blessings received by his dramatic departure. He inspired the Freedom from Suffering Group Distance Healings and countless people (including furry friends) have benefited. He didn’t die in vain.

I silently request Dink give me a message, because it’s my loneliness for him that’s causing me to feel a loss. (more…)

My Wayward Son

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 7:57 AM

The vibration in my hand alerts me to a message as I unplug my cell phone. I open the screen and see a voicemail from my ex-husband. This can’t be good. I honestly didn’t expect to have a reason to speak to him until Davin’s wedding day in the far off future. There’s also a Facebook message from Dagan, Davin’s best friend stationed in California. Both asked me to call as soon as possible.

The sources did not add up, but together, I knew something happened to my son. (more…)

One Woman’s Quest for a Vision

At the Arise Music Festival, my friend, Cheryl, asked if I’d be interested in doing a Vision Quest. My soul emphatically responded, “YES!” I was simultaneously excited and intimidated which always means something powerful will take place.

Native American culture fascinates me; I love the deep connection and appreciation of Mother Earth and the animal kingdom. I’ve had the honor of participating in a couple of sweat lodges and a Vision Quest is something I’ve always wanted to experience, but never actively pursued. My husband, Greg, decided he wanted to do it too. However, the original selected dates didn’t work for us, so we released it. When the dates shifted it easily fit into our schedule. (more…)

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