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Ask for Your Angels’ Presence

angelIn my family, I was an exuberant little girl enthusiastic for life and not here to be held back, my overworked mom often took comfort that her mother watched over me. Although I never met my Grandma Elizabeth I often felt connected to her guiding presence. Stories of guardian angels watching over and protecting us were told in Sunday school and frankly, it was easier to ask these non-threatening beings for help, rather than the bearded man in the sky. (more…)

In Damaged Imperfection, True Beauty Shines

He jumped down from the back of Chad’s truck. I stepped back, and let out a nervous laugh.  The pictures hadn’t prepared me. You wouldn’t describe him as beautiful. HeIMG_6478 was awkward. His bluish-gray gigantic head rested upon his broad shoulders, as his wide-set brown eyes and drooling jowls overshadowed his tiny waist. He resembled a prehistoric beast.

Chad moved from North Carolina to work in our family business, and we agreed to adopt Dink due to the ban in Denver. As an experienced Pit Bull owner, I know they make great family dogs, but he was on a trial basis. I wasn’t sure he’d stay.

It didn’t take long to discover that behind his intimidating physique, there was an endless pool of love. His heart was bigger than his head. He (more…)

Just Me and My Badonkadonk

IMG_6169Every month a new magazine wrapped in its secretive brown paper arrived. It would be carefully stashed under the couch, but within the reach of a curious little girl. “Playboy” was filled with pictures of thin women with large breasts in various awkward positions. Somewhat horrified and confused, I believed one day, I would look like the women that my dad admired.

To prepare, I stuffed tennis balls into my shirt and admired my boobs from different angles in the mirror. However, God reversed my curves. According to my aunt, my bubble butt came in when I was 18-months old, before my first molar. Being a white girl in Kansas, I did not appreciate my biggest asset. I knew one day my breasts would overshadow my derrière, but sadly that day never arrived. (more…)

Treasures Within Nature

I recently came across the CD that contained some photos from our 2006 Spring Break family vacation to Sedona, AZ, which included a stop at Antelope Canyon. This trip was a culmination of so many creations and desires and a driving force that propelled me forward in many ways.  I love reconnecting to this particular time of my life, clearly seeing all the dots connected, and feeling the magic of this transformational time, allowing me to feel gratitude for the support at that time and today.

After attending the September 2005 Mastery Conference in Sedona, it was clear that it was time for me to let go of that which I was clinging so tightly. Successfully negotiating a work-from-home situation, in the office one day a week, while working from my home in the mountains of Colorado the rest of the week, my security blanket was quite snug. This was the best of both worlds, being home with my family and animals, while drawing a nice salary. My invitation to leave came the day my boss, the CFO, called me into her office to inform me that the CEO wanted me back in the office full-time. I was a “bad example” for other employees, they wanted what I had, more freedom.  Surprise?!?!? That is when it was clear it was time for me to leave. My boss was shocked, but I was seeing my creation unfold, leave under the best circumstances, hire and train my replacement and leave only once everything was adequately transitioned. A true win-win!

Shortly after my big epiphany, my husband, Greg, and I took a fantastic two-week Abraham Hawaiian cruise, the beginning of many magical vacations together. Imagine ~ surrounded by the big, blue Pacific ocean, visiting paradise, swimming with the wild dolphins, riding a Harley on the winding road to Hana, visiting Waimea Canyon, making life-long connections (Aloha, Nancy!), renewing vows, AND spending several hours with Abraham! Releasing resistance, as easily as every wave moved us forward. This retreat allowed me the time I needed to disconnect from my every day life, nurture my spirit, while gaining clarity for the life before me.

With Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham-Hicks)
Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

Within three months, I was leaving my HR career, my colleagues and close friends, my second family; everything I had known for the past 13 years, to embark on an unknown adventure.  I was uncertain how my salary was going to be replaced. I just knew that there was something more to life and I was ready to discover it. During my farewell luncheon, my boss asked me to tell everyone what I was going to be doing…my mind raced with thoughts of how do I tell them (a group of civil engineers and executives) that I was going to do Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. I was not prepared to address their questions and subsequently their shocked faces I imagined. So, I excitedly blurted out, “I am going to play and have fun!!!” Well, I managed to get those shocked faces anyway! I then softened my outburst by explaining how I was going to manage Greg’s tattoo studio, so that he could focus on his art.  This was something that made sense to them, reasonable, respectable, sort of a “stand by my man” moment.

Jerome, AZ
Sedona Spring 2006

A celebration was in order!  Free from the confinements of corporate life. Living at nearly 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, nature is a part of our lives. A trip to Disney World was too superficial. We would experience true magic, another one of nature’s playgrounds. Sedona was a perfect choice.

Our time in Sedona was wonderful in so many ways with typical too-much-family-togetherness moments. Hiking, climbing, sky-diving, haunted eccentric town ~ Jerome, going the long way (REEEAALLLYYYYY long way for the kids) home to visit Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, drive scenic Bi-way 12 through Utah, ran over a bunny rabbit when tensions were too high, laughter, tears, loving moments, and bitter fights. There really is nothing quite like a family road trip.  When sometimes the only thing you can do is let go.

Skydiving over Sedona

Skydiving had always been something I wanted to do, probably from all the flying dreams I used to have as a child. Becoming a mother at a young age, skydiving was impractical (after all, I was living primarily in fear). I had taken a big leap of faith by leaving my job; it was now time to take a physical leap of faith.  Interesting to me, the experience left me feeling the same. No big, huge, exhilarating thrill I had imagined. A friend suggested that since my vibration was much higher than in the past, there wasn’t the rush that others describe.  All I know, is that I am grateful for doing something I had always wanted to do, stepped through fear, took in some spectacular scenery on my descent, without the need to do it again.

On our return home, we stopped at Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. I had seen some breath taking photos, but did not know much of this destination. This slot canyon is located on Navajo land, after we paid our cash only admission fees; we were lead to the entrance, which began as a crack in the ground. We were told to follow the crack until reaching a ladder that would lead us underground. This natural phenomenon is below ground! Carved by the force of water, the sandstone walls look like ocean waves, sculpting the sandstone while marking the releasing of many layers of debris to discover beauty beyond compare. Words and pictures cannot adequately describe this playground.

Sculpted walls in Antelope Canyon
Light Shining Down

Discovering the blessings of letting go, releasing that which is no longer needed, trusting and allowing the true beauty to come through. Yes, nature is a master teacher. Spend time, connect, and discover your hidden treasures!