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Hello & Welcome!

angel cloud

I’m thrilled and honored you found me! I love to share, and it’s so much fun to connect and play with others!

This world can be a crazy place. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful and full of magic.

Check out this photo for example.

I captured this moment when I took a ride to the river and was contemplating letting go of something that was an integral part of my life.

For me I saw an angel surrounded by a heart, that reminded me I’m unconditionally loved and fully supported ~ always.

Not some of the time. Not only if I’m obedient, look a certain way, or drive a specific car. ALWAYS.

I sometimes forget this.

Especially when the universe lands a drop kick, but I have managed to always bounce back.

And it’s become a game to see how quickly I can do it, because I wholeheartedly believe we are Here (on this fan-freakin’-tastic playground) for the JOY of it and that Living in Alignment is the secret password.

Let’s play!


How do you not give up on humanity?

You start by living YOUR life!

You concern yourself less with the actions of others
You let go of fear
Over and over again
You live by the philosophy that nothing is more important than your JOY
You spend time in nature
You complain less
You appreciate more
You become selfish
Selfish enough to feel good because when you do,
Those around you benefit (more…)

Discovering More of Me Through Comedy

You can watch here: Sabrina Fritts Comedy Debut

When I first saw the announcement of the “Stand Up! Workshop for Women” I was ready to sign-up. I had always secretly wanted to be a stand-up comedian, I love to laugh and equally enjoy making others laugh.

I believed this experience would provide new knowledge that would assist me in my professional career, as a public speaker, teacher, and, now, radio personality. It was easy to justify, based on the educational business expense alone.

In addition to making my professional bio more interesting, I expected to have some fun, and check off another item on my bucket list, like when I skydived.  I didn’t have an attachment, whether or not I would perform more than this one time, trusting I would know after my debut.

I didn’t expect this to be easy. I knew I would be stretched outside of my comfort zone, but everything worthwhile does, and I enjoy embracing those liberating growth opportunities.

We began with a four-hour workshop, led by Kristina Hall, a professional writer and comedian. There were nine women participating and I casually knew one, the rest I met that day.  However, several of the women knew each other, some quite well, and that made me feel like an outsider. Were they going to get special treatment, or have an unfair advantage because Kristina knew them?

Looking back now, I see the masterful games my ego began to play. Whenever I enter uncharted territory, I revert to my instinctual “survival of the fittest” stance. I immediately assess the “competition” and plot my strategy for triumph.

It’s not pretty and it isn’t easy for me to admit these feelings. I have often had glimpses of oneness, where I see someone for their true self and it feels wonderfully delicious. So, when I fall into the limitations of humanity, it hurts even more, knowing it can be different.  I must be willing to let go of my own insecurities and fear of failure in order to feel differently. It pisses me off, quite frankly, that I still can suffer from victimization. Haven’t I healed, evolved, and transcended this yet? Why the hell not? Will I never be good enough?

I felt intimidated by this group of women. They were all beautiful and intelligent, as well as, edgy and adventurous.  I felt like I had no advantage. I began spiraling down into a dark place and I try to stop the insanity by looking for good things, focusing on our similarities, seeing them for their true self.

Then, Kristina asked me to share my biggest fantasy in what I hoped to gain from this experience. I can remember feeling such great joy when I imagined possibilities, with no limits, and I responded with my deepest desire to become an inspirational comedian, reaching millions of people, transforming lives through laughter. Kristina told me to take the emphasis off others, and focus on me, what I hoped to get from it.

I was confused because in my mind, affecting positive change in this world, helping people live more joyful lives, that’s what I want more than anything, nothing would make me happier. I already knew I would grow from this experience, that was a given, I wanted to look beyond myself. In that moment, I felt that she just didn’t ”get it,” she didn’t see the bigger picture, and now, the best I could hope for was to gain technical knowledge of the comedic world.

I spent the rest of the time during the workshop in observation mode, being reserved and cautious.  When I did speak up during a joke writing exercise, my suggestion was rejected, feeding my insecurities and my need to find flaws in others.

There were discussions on some topics outside of my playground, and my ignorance causes me to be uncomfortable and critical. Looking for relief, I felt I had enough material on the others that I didn’t need to share my stuff. That’s my default insecure mode; focus on the imperfections of others, so I don’t have to look at my own.

At the end of the workshop, we had a basic formula and guidelines for a joke and we were assigned the task of beginning to write our material, with our first group teleconference scheduled a few days later.  We would be performing in two weeks. Was it possible to be ready by then?

Kristina posted some comedy videos in our Facebook group and I gravitated toward the one that was outside the traditional stand-up, but showed the strength and humor in being honest and vulnerable, through storytelling. That’s what I love to do, tell stories and that became obvious in the way I was writing my material.  Perhaps this was the whole purpose of me being doing this, to discover a platform that spotlights storytellers. That really excited me; I felt this workshop has served its purpose.

After writing a few initial jokes, I sent them to Kristina and she provided constructive feedback. She advised me to avoid instructing or inspiring, which works in motivational speaking, but not stand-up, the comedy audience is inspired by honesty. If I want to inspire them, I have to be completely authentic and willing to share at a deeper level. I needed to take the focus off what others would get from it and focus on what I was going to receive instead.

There were several monumental events that took place during this time, my son graduated from high school and we joined my parents for a family vacation in Sedona. My husband and I rode our own motorcycles, 1550 miles round-trip, while basking in spectacular scenery; the ride is physically strenuous and sometimes challenging due to heat or cold. My professional life was expanding to the airwaves, with launching a new radio show, “Authenticity Rising”, which I co-host on Transformation Talk Radio, with a dear friend and colleague, Christine Upchurch. Our first show was scheduled the day before my comedy debut.

During our vacation, I had four conference calls between the radio show and the comedy workshop, and I needed to write some material. I was dealing with the guilt of cutting into my time with my family and feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities. I felt resentment that I didn’t have the luxury of leaving “work” behind like my husband, Greg, could do.  In addition, I was dealing with my emotions around witnessing my parents, who are not physically healthy, making poor choices that negatively affect them. Although I do not fear death, knowing we are eternal, I do want them to have good quality of life while they’re alive.

We began our return trip on Saturday, three days before the show, by driving through the high desert in hot temperatures. There was an incident with a Navajo Sheriff that would eventually provide me with material, but at the time, caused a disagreement with Greg. After a ten-hour day, my son, who was driving my car behind us, decided to continue home with his sister, giving Greg and me a much-needed night alone.

Then I open a group email from Kristina, which contained a lot of homework. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. I broke down, the pressure was too much and now it seemed like work, not playful and fun. Why can’t I do it my way? Greg put it back into perspective for me, by rationally pointing out that I am a student, I wanted to learn this, and I am being given expert advice, that I paid for, to do it.

Like with most situations, it is rare that what we are reacting to in front of us is the actual problem. I needed to release the stress and concern that had been building up. After enjoying good food, a thorough cry, and great sex, I was back in alignment. I could breathe again and I was ready for the next steps.

With Kristina’s priceless expertise, my stories were whittled down into clear and succinct jokes.  And they were funny! It was time to practice and memorize my routine, my mind would not stop. I could barely sleep the night before, or eat the day of the show and there were times throughout that my body would shake from nervousness. I hadn’t experienced anxiousness, at this level, before. I knew something good was going to happen and this was much bigger than I had expected.

We arrived at the venue early to acclimate and support each other in our shared anxiety and concern.  We were in this together; I no longer felt a sense of competition or alienation. I felt a powerful connection and appreciation for each of these beautiful, uniquely authentic, and courageous women.

We all experienced significant change; break downs and breakthroughs during this process. Each and every one of us that took the stage for the first time felt the undeniable exhilaration of facing fear and conquering it. Stepping outside our comfort zone and discovering freedom in knowing that simply sharing ourselves, we discover we are enough, and actually are very funny.

In our unique challenges and life choices, we have come together through our common desire to express ourselves through comedy. Sharing a closeness that was incredibly palpable, Greg commented on it. Our success is a testament to Kristina’s ability to teach, bringing out the best in others, and her belief that everyone is a comic. Kristina said, “Laughter is expansive.” That is an understatement!

We had so much fun, we are going to do it again!


You can watch here: Sabrina Fritts Comedy Debut

We did it!!!
These were two of the women in my group, Charis and Laura Lee. Talk about intimidating, both are gorgeous (even while eating) AND tall!

Treasures Within Nature

I recently came across the CD that contained some photos from our 2006 Spring Break family vacation to Sedona, AZ, which included a stop at Antelope Canyon. This trip was a culmination of so many creations and desires and a driving force that propelled me forward in many ways.  I love reconnecting to this particular time of my life, clearly seeing all the dots connected, and feeling the magic of this transformational time, allowing me to feel gratitude for the support at that time and today.

After attending the September 2005 Mastery Conference in Sedona, it was clear that it was time for me to let go of that which I was clinging so tightly. Successfully negotiating a work-from-home situation, in the office one day a week, while working from my home in the mountains of Colorado the rest of the week, my security blanket was quite snug. This was the best of both worlds, being home with my family and animals, while drawing a nice salary. My invitation to leave came the day my boss, the CFO, called me into her office to inform me that the CEO wanted me back in the office full-time. I was a “bad example” for other employees, they wanted what I had, more freedom.  Surprise?!?!? That is when it was clear it was time for me to leave. My boss was shocked, but I was seeing my creation unfold, leave under the best circumstances, hire and train my replacement and leave only once everything was adequately transitioned. A true win-win!

Shortly after my big epiphany, my husband, Greg, and I took a fantastic two-week Abraham Hawaiian cruise, the beginning of many magical vacations together. Imagine ~ surrounded by the big, blue Pacific ocean, visiting paradise, swimming with the wild dolphins, riding a Harley on the winding road to Hana, visiting Waimea Canyon, making life-long connections (Aloha, Nancy!), renewing vows, AND spending several hours with Abraham! Releasing resistance, as easily as every wave moved us forward. This retreat allowed me the time I needed to disconnect from my every day life, nurture my spirit, while gaining clarity for the life before me.

With Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham-Hicks)
Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

Within three months, I was leaving my HR career, my colleagues and close friends, my second family; everything I had known for the past 13 years, to embark on an unknown adventure.  I was uncertain how my salary was going to be replaced. I just knew that there was something more to life and I was ready to discover it. During my farewell luncheon, my boss asked me to tell everyone what I was going to be doing…my mind raced with thoughts of how do I tell them (a group of civil engineers and executives) that I was going to do Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. I was not prepared to address their questions and subsequently their shocked faces I imagined. So, I excitedly blurted out, “I am going to play and have fun!!!” Well, I managed to get those shocked faces anyway! I then softened my outburst by explaining how I was going to manage Greg’s tattoo studio, so that he could focus on his art.  This was something that made sense to them, reasonable, respectable, sort of a “stand by my man” moment.

Jerome, AZ
Sedona Spring 2006

A celebration was in order!  Free from the confinements of corporate life. Living at nearly 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, nature is a part of our lives. A trip to Disney World was too superficial. We would experience true magic, another one of nature’s playgrounds. Sedona was a perfect choice.

Our time in Sedona was wonderful in so many ways with typical too-much-family-togetherness moments. Hiking, climbing, sky-diving, haunted eccentric town ~ Jerome, going the long way (REEEAALLLYYYYY long way for the kids) home to visit Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, drive scenic Bi-way 12 through Utah, ran over a bunny rabbit when tensions were too high, laughter, tears, loving moments, and bitter fights. There really is nothing quite like a family road trip.  When sometimes the only thing you can do is let go.

Skydiving over Sedona

Skydiving had always been something I wanted to do, probably from all the flying dreams I used to have as a child. Becoming a mother at a young age, skydiving was impractical (after all, I was living primarily in fear). I had taken a big leap of faith by leaving my job; it was now time to take a physical leap of faith.  Interesting to me, the experience left me feeling the same. No big, huge, exhilarating thrill I had imagined. A friend suggested that since my vibration was much higher than in the past, there wasn’t the rush that others describe.  All I know, is that I am grateful for doing something I had always wanted to do, stepped through fear, took in some spectacular scenery on my descent, without the need to do it again.

On our return home, we stopped at Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. I had seen some breath taking photos, but did not know much of this destination. This slot canyon is located on Navajo land, after we paid our cash only admission fees; we were lead to the entrance, which began as a crack in the ground. We were told to follow the crack until reaching a ladder that would lead us underground. This natural phenomenon is below ground! Carved by the force of water, the sandstone walls look like ocean waves, sculpting the sandstone while marking the releasing of many layers of debris to discover beauty beyond compare. Words and pictures cannot adequately describe this playground.

Sculpted walls in Antelope Canyon
Light Shining Down

Discovering the blessings of letting go, releasing that which is no longer needed, trusting and allowing the true beauty to come through. Yes, nature is a master teacher. Spend time, connect, and discover your hidden treasures!