What is healing? It can mean something different to each person that is asked. Healing occurs when areas of imbalance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies begin to come into harmony. During your healing session, you will lay down wearing comfortable clothing in as quiet an environment as possible. I will bring my awareness to universal healing frequencies while simultaneously holding you in my observation, allowing the most appropriate healing to come through. Often, healing will be most noticeable on mental, emotional or spiritual levels; which makes sense considering it is imbalance in those areas that cause a physical manifestation such as disease, pain or illness.

DNA emits light. In a healthy state more light is emitted than in a diseased state. These healing frequencies carry light and when the body is immersed in them, the cells remember this higher light vibration and begin entraining to it. Causing denser, lower vibrations to naturally fall away. The healing will continue to evolve and unfold with you.

Healing sessions are equally effective in-person or via distance and are available for people of all ages as well as animals too! There will be a short briefing prior to the session, approximately 35 minutes being immersed in the healing frequencies and an opportunity to discuss your experience and answer any questions at the end. Please plan on setting aside at least one hour for your session. I look forward to an opportunity of working with you.

Session fees are payable prior to the beginning of the session.

In-person Healing Session, Littleton or Evergreen, CO – $120. To schedule, call 720-935-6316



Distance Healing Session – $90 – Pay Now


What to expect during a Distance Healing Session

During the session, I’d like you to lay down, in a quiet, dimly lit, room with your phones off or silenced. Letting the sounds of your environment fall into the background. Take this time to just let go. Simply be present in your experience. Notice, observe and most of all, have fun!

I will be connecting to the healing frequencies and holding you in my awareness during the session. Healing can occur on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The most appropriate healing will come through and the frequencies will continue to work with you long after the session is over.

If you find your mind cluttered with distracting thoughts, keeping you from being fully present in your experience, simply bring your mindful awareness into your body. Scan, notice, observe any sensations, temperatures, or even if there is nothing to notice at all. This will give your mind something to focus on. If, however, you are off playing in this wonderful Universe, then please do not bring your mindful awareness back into the body.

When you are ready, you will gently and naturally come out of the frequencies. You may find you become so relaxed, that you drift off to sleep. That is fine, you will stay immersed in the frequencies until you wake up.


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