IMG_3417 On the 5th of EVERY Month,      8 pm MST (10 pm ET/7 pm PT) – Joyful Freedom 

Growth and expansion are inevitable, pain and suffering are optional. Ready to let go of the guilt, shame, anger, frustration, grief, or whatever BS (belief system) thing is standing in the way of your joy?

Everyone can participate in distance healing, no matter where you live or what you are doing during the scheduled time. Universal intelligence defies time and space and is unlimited in its capacity to deliver exactly what you need on any level. AND, it keeps working with you, long after the session has ended. Pretty cool.

Best of all, it’s completely free, no strings attached, although I love it when people share their experiences with me.

You have nothing to lose, and a lot of joy to gain.

It’s Super Easy to Play Along (your mind may tell you differently, but it’s lying, it wants to be in control)

Take this time for yourself and play along, but healing will occur, even if you have a scheduling conflict. The session will last about 30-minutes. At the scheduled time, lie down in a quiet, dimly lit, room with your phones off or silenced. Allow the distractions of the world around you to dissolve into the background. Take a few deep cleansing breaths.

Let go. Be present in your experience. Notice. Observe. But most of all, have fun!

During this time, I’ll be playing with universal healing frequencies while holding everyone in this group in my awareness. Don’t limit yourself in any way to a specific healing. Trust me. Whatever you need will come through. You can help by taking a step aside and trusting universal intelligence to know what’s best.

When we intend a specific healing, or direct the outcome, we limit ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, you’re magnificent, but in human form limited. The ability to let go and trust is a miraculous healing in and of itself. The more you step aside and allow, additional healing opportunities will unfold, long after this session ends.

If your mind is cluttered with to do lists, what’s for dinner, or what the heck have I gotten myself into? Relax (I haven’t lost one yet). Move your awareness through your physical body as you look for subtle sensations, temperature fluctuations, anything, or nothing at all. This tricks your mind into being present with your experience and you just might discover something fun.

However, if you are playing in the vastness of the Universe, or beyond, then stay there and forget about the body. Keep in mind, I love to hear about the freaky shit. Don’t worry, nothing evil or harmful can come through, only unconditional love is here for you.

When you are ready, you will gently and naturally bring your awareness back into the room. Do your best to stay awake, but if sleep is the healing you need, enjoy that and more.


The 5th of EVERY Month  8 pm MST (10 pm ET/7 pm PT)

To find the time in your time zone, visit the World Clock Converter

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While this is a labor of love and nothing is asked in exchange, many are guided to give. Your contributions are graciously received with love and appreciation.  Contribute Here


These monthly sessions are inspired by a very special dog ~ Life is short, live it out loud, and full of love. Do it for the Dink!

Read about him in Dink: A Love Story



Some experiences by others:

Thank you for a wonderful healing.  I could really feel the joy.  Your healings are very uplifting.”

F.S. – Golden, CO


“Just wanted to give you an update and once again thank you for providing the “key” to previously locked doors! Every day I notice things are changing for me and every day I become more joyous than the day before. The periods where I have “bad days” become shorter and shorter, and they are no longer days but simply moments where I realize that I have lost my focus on who I really am and what I really want from life. I can quickly recover from these moments with just a little fun or something as simple as sharing a laugh with a child and then I am healed and it is over. I truly believe that the healing sessions you provided helped me to release the things that have been holding me back from this unlimited pool of joy and for that I am truly grateful! I continue to grow every day, to find new adventures and rediscover things that bring me joy. I can only imagine what this universe has in store for me and I can hardly wait as it all unfolds before me like a beautiful blossoming flower….. thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with me.” – Cindy T. – Kansas


“I feel very peaceful and ready to deal with whatever comes my way and very positive about my short term future, whereas prior to these group distance healing sessions, I felt a bit stressed, unsure and scared. I have received a job offer after being unemployed for several months!”  ~

Leanne in Houston, TX


“Sabrina…thanks for offering these powerful group distance healing sessions!  I could feel the frequencies come in right at 2 pm and I sensed when they subsided 30 minutes later telling me when the session was over.  I do distance healing work myself so it felt good to experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end!

After your 3rd group session that week, I experienced some relief from a lower back condition that had been troubling me for a few months.  However, what was most healing for me was the information that came through helping me to become aware of what mental and emotional issues were behind the lower back condition.  Nothing like shining a light on underlying thoughts and feelings that can help us heal our physical conditions!”
Mary Ann Baridon
Prescott, Arizona
“I have participated in three group distance healing sessions from Sabrina, and they were all potent and distinct experiences.  Each time I felt the work begin even when I was otherwise occupied.  For the first two sessions, I was able to go and lie down and enjoy the sensations and experiences fully – and the frequencies were as tangible as in an in-person or an individual distance session.  During the third session I was on a road trip, driving, and had actually forgotten about the session until I felt the frequencies begin.  At first I felt a little sleepy and altered, but the sensation passed and I drove on feeling very relaxed and alert.”
Rebeccah White
Arvada, CO
Just a quick note to say thank you for yesterdays Group Distance Healing session.  Although I didn’t notice too much during the session, a slight heaviness in my arms, and some shadows of  what I think were were people, I did experience an awesome peacefulness while enjoying the moment.  But now here’s the kicker… Earlier in the week  I came down with a head cold  that pretty much knocked me on my ass.  I have not been able to breathe through my nose since last Wednesday.  Directly after the (Sunday’s) session I noticed that my nasal passages were open and I’ve been breathing free and clear since.  Last night was the first time since Wednesday that I didn’t have to get up half a dozen times trying to unplug the stuffiness.  So Thank You …Thank You.  Thank You. Namaste dear friend.
R.P. – California

Please contact me with any questions at

I look forward to playing together!



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