Here are some of the experiences clients of Sabrina have shared:

“I want very much to share my experience about this gifted lady! It is difficult trying to put all of it in words because words are never enough to explain something like that. I have gone through difficult situations after difficult situation in the last few years to the extent that my health suffered badly and last year I almost gave up on everything. I desperately needed some balance in my life. Then Sabrina and I somehow connected in Facebook!! I was interested in her work and when we spoke on the phone she was very encouraging and forthcoming. I was very excited about the session and followed her simple directions. During the session, I felt an incredible sense of connectedness to the natural world and an indescribable sense of joy that uplifted me. This has stayed with me and I feel energized and happy and positive! It was like being restored to reality!!! My friends and family love it too and I once again feel able to handle the challenges in my life. I can never forget her invaluable gift and I cannot thank Sabrina enough for being who she is!! A healer!!” ~ SS
(received one distance healing session)


After studying and implementing every tool and technique I could find to help increase my financial abundance, I took Sabrina’s Law of Attraction Bootcamp and within 24 hours, I began manifesting new clients and quadrupled my income! At first, I thought her method wouldn’t work because it does not include pain or hard work–in fact, it’s super easy to do! I have since replaced my “tools” with Sabrina’s light, fun and playful suggestions. I am confident to report that my money issues are resolved and I am finally in control of my finances. I have so much fun playing with the Law of Attraction, that now I consciously do it in all areas of my life. My life is truly magical! Thank you, Sabrina, for teaching me the simplicity of it all! You are a gift to the world. – Charlene M.



“I experienced The Reconnection. It was beyond words.. Sabrina is incredibly grounded, connected, nonjudgmental.. amazing with her work. It is a once in a lifetime experience.. truly incredible. It was perfectly aligned.. I could not have designed it better – so happy I ‘got out of the way’ and let it be. Amazing:).” – Malia


“Clarifying what happened and the tangible results since my Reconnection seems a bit elusive, but let me try. I have an incredibly blessed life, happily married, healthy children, successful entrepreneur, more friends than one could dream of AND I experienced normal anxiety and sadness over events out of my control. In some of those situations, though, I had the tendency to make myself more miserable when I was unable to make it better. My normal reaction to fear or disappointment was usually to turn on myself, which could be the source of great pain.

After hearing about The Reconnection for years, but still knowing very little about it, I knew in an instant that I was ready and that Sabrina Fritts would facilitate. In the relaxing atmosphere and her wonderfully healing presence, I felt open to not understanding what might happen. The details of my experience during both sessions seem unimportant: I felt drowsy and relaxed, possibly even drifting off to sleep. I saw some lights, felt warm and chilled at times, but overall, it was uneventful.

It was during the following week that I started to notice how truly subtle, yet powerful the Reconnection was. A particularly old and difficult situation that has in the past, created much suffering for me reared its’ head. Only I had no powerful aversion to it, no real opinion or stance and no desire to participate in it. I felt strong and healthy. Then again about a month later, an opportunity occurred for drama and resentment. Again, after the initial knee-jerk feelings passed, I felt peaceful and knew that everything was as it should be.

I’ve always been a seeker and on some level believed that things worked out, but secretly beat myself up. I can say that I have not been doing that in the several months since my Reconnection. While I’m incredibly grateful, I’ve made the conscious choice not to over analyze what may have happened with Sabrina in that room. Instead, on a daily basis, I pay attention, trust and really do perceive endless possibilities. Something that I never knew was missing has been restored…reconnected.”

~Dusty Meehan, Marketing and Sales Agent, Denver, Colorado


I had my Reconnection with Sabrina Fritts in February of 2010, almost exactly a year ago. Oh, my, what a difference a year makes when you are Reconnected!

I loved the physical, emotional and spiritual sensations that occurred during my Reconnection. The next day, however, I got sick…sicker than I can remember being in at least a decade! I hung in there and used the down time as a growth period, knowing in my heart that I was doing some sort of total “detoxing”.

Step by step since then, I have had one interesting adventure after the other. I am not here to say that my life became a soft bed of aromatic roses! It was more like an aromatic bed of soft petals intertwined with stickery thorns! It sure has smelled good, though, every step of the way.

After learning Reconnective Healing (which I learned because of this particular situation,) I used it on my horse who had struggled with a tumor for several years. His choice with this tool of quickening journeys, was to pass on and return to Source. It was a sad/happy experience that most couldn’t appreciate unless they were present at the time. 2 other horses were involved and joined in on their farewell party.

I sadly ended a struggling relationship that I had attempted to end several times before. My real estate “empire” has steadily crumbled to the ground, resulting in my moving 3 times in the past year. My holistic health care business sunk so low financially that I finally saw the handwriting on the wall and closed it down, except for the word-of-mouth clients that continue to trickle in.

There have been cheery steppingstones leading a very special path throughout this brambly mess. Manifestations are coming about almost at light speed these days. Think it, see it, and it appears.

Each seeming failure has led to a success. Losing a relationship brought me closer to me, to remembering why I am here. Losing the stress of upside-down real estate ventures opened me up to allowance of true purpose. Closing the doors of my previous business, opened doors to a much more rewarding and exciting endeavor where I touch lives I could never have touched before!

Some people look at my life as a shambles, and have told me thus. I look at it as a “rebirth” – yes, a “reconnection!” Opportunities unfolded for me that have allowed me to remain a “healer,” in a whole new fun and exciting way! Each day is a happy adventure in which I eagerly participate. Am I a practicing Reconnective Healer as I thought I would be? No. Do I use Reconnective Healing each and every day? Yes. Being so close to Source in this exciting way enriches every aspect of my life path. ~ Christina B.


“I am writing to talk about the life changing experience I have had w/Reconnective Healing. I am a kindergarten teacher at the school I attended in Jefferson County and I work w/ the frequencies regularly. I’ve been able to teach my ‘little friends’ how to ‘feel’ these frequencies. My students and I have quiet time everyday after recess. During this time we do bubble gum breathing and play w/a golden egg, and energy balls. Many would be shocked to see 27 5 year olds in a state of ‘zen’. They are learning how they can access their ‘inner’ world- and that there are so many tools there for them. I’ve also been teaching kid yoga at my school. My students LOVE it and ask for daily. My inner and outer world has changed immeasurably since I’ve had my Reconnection!! I can’t wait to see my life unfold as I am aligned more w/life then I’ve ever been. Meeting Sabrinna Fritts has been life changing to say the least!!!” – Kat K.


I can’t begin to express the gratitude my husband and I have for the work Sabrina did with our daughter. We had spent years worrying, questioning her ability to overcome the darkness that she seemed so engulfed in. Sabrina began with three Reconnective Healing sessions despite the complete lack of faith on our daughter’s part. By the time she finished those, our daughter made the comment that she wasn’t getting angry so easily. She agreed to follow through with The Reconnection. Although we didn’t know what to expect from The Reconnection, we were hopeful she would receive what she needed. And she did. She is now more focused, more peaceful and much happier. And we have the peace of mind knowing she will be better able to handle life’s difficulties. -Terri D

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