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Dink: A Love Story

I unpacked the Amazon package and replaced Ceiro’s battery in her dog collar right away. But I dismissed my thought about about replacing Dink’s and putting it on him.

He may still be here if I hadn’t been lazy. I feel like I failed him.

20130824_201743Anyone that had the pleasure of meeting Dink knew what it was like to be truly loved. I only had the pleasure of being The Dinkster’s mom for fifteen months.  Our dear friend, Chad, and his son, Lewis, asked us to adopt him when they moved from Charlotte to Denver due to the Pit Bull Ban. I had seen pictures, but they didn’t do him justice, I was completely surprised by his huge head. He is a Razor’s Edge (more…)

One Woman’s Quest for a Vision

At the Arise Music Festival, my friend, Cheryl, asked if I’d be interested in doing a Vision Quest. My soul emphatically responded, “YES!” I was simultaneously excited and intimidated which always means something powerful will take place.

Native American culture fascinates me; I love the deep connection and appreciation of Mother Earth and the animal kingdom. I’ve had the honor of participating in a couple of sweat lodges and a Vision Quest is something I’ve always wanted to experience, but never actively pursued. My husband, Greg, decided he wanted to do it too. However, the original selected dates didn’t work for us, so we released it. When the dates shifted it easily fit into our schedule. (more…)

I’m Alive!

frantiThe lights dim, a big smile moves across my face, the band takes their places and the room is filled with the drumbeat and strumming guitars, my body bounces to the rhythm. I’m in the second row, stage right, with a perfect view. I sing along to the opening lyrics, “I’m gonna die, oooh, I’m gonna die, but it won’t, be tonight.”

No, tonight is going to be a great night. It’s only been 48 hours since I saw Michael Franti and Spearhead in a dusty campground at the Arise Music Festival, but this intimate venue at the Belly Up in Aspen feels like a private concert, and a lot has happened since then. I need this.

There is an unexpected repetitive bumping into my left hip, (more…)

To Fear or Not to Fear?

Just like you, I wasn’t born with fear. I was influenced to this unnatural state through well-intentioned authority figures that had my best interests at heart. Like others had done for them. Simple cautionary advice—don’t go out after dark, don’t talk to strangers, obey these rules so you’ll get into heaven—soon became an unquestioned way of life.

The funny thing, when you live in a societal conditioned state of fear, you don’t even realize it. I fit right in with everyone else and shared the same beliefs. (more…)

Another Boundary Set

I live at 9,660 feet in Colorado and received multiple 12”+ snowstorms in the past three weeks. I do my best to remain positive, because snow in May keeps the wildfires away. But it does take its toll on everyone after awhile.

After a wonderfully relaxing massage, I shoveled wet, heavy snow from the driveway. It was my attempt to please my husband and protect, Davin, my son from a former marriage.

As I shoveled, I thought about how the snow blower ran out of gas the morning before, (more…)

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