Here for the JOY of it!

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not here to suffer and prove yourself worthy. You’re here for the joy of it.

You may wonder: “How do I get a whiff of joy, when I just stepped in a pile of sh!t?”

bozoLife is messy. The world is chaotic. People disappoint, and occasionally the Universe lands a dropkick.

The key is to bounce back like a punching bag.  Finding your alignment is ongoing. It gets easier, and a lot more fun, as you develop your rebound skills.

I’ll share my “growth opportunities” on a variety of topics, and a lively, humorous, group discussion shift your “what is” so you can grab a handful of joy.

In case we haven’t met, here’s my fancy, third-person bio:

Sabrina Fritts is an author, teacher, and heavily tattooed momma. She loves to talk and share her expertise {in playing and having fun} to help others expand and extract more  joy from life.

Although now working in what some would refer to as “crazy shit,” her mainstream background includes a good ol’ career in Human Resources. A rollover accident changed that. Sabrina became a “healer,” and spent several years traveling worldwide to help others become healers (everyone is, they just have to be reminded).

She cusses and is a bit irreverent. If you’re easily offended, stay home.

Classes held at Littleton Yoga Center

Save your seat, or you’ll sit on the floor.

Enough Already – April 19, 2-4 pm $20

Humanity isn’t for pussies. Praise yourself for having the courage to show up. Kick your inner bully to the curb and BE enough!

You’re infinitely worthy and unconditionally loved, but if you don’t feel it, all the “I am Enough” affirmations in the world won’t make it so.

Discover ways to enrich your self-worth, and confidently shine in your imperfect magnificence.






Living out of alignment with your true self can lead to imbalance—affecting your health, relationships, career, finances, happiness, and spirituality.  Authenticity Rising is an organization that supports you in expressing your true self, the person you were meant to be.  Becoming authentic has some wonderful “side effects”:  living life with greater joy, ease, and abundance on all levels. Authenticity Rising offers a one-day, experiential seminar which helps empower you to step into your authenticity. Join me and Christine Upchurch for Authenticity Rising: Five Fun Steps to True Empowerment