Living out of alignment with your true self can lead to imbalance—affecting your health, relationships, career, finances, happiness, and spirituality.  Authenticity Rising is an organization that supports you in expressing your true self, the person you were meant to be.  Becoming authentic has some wonderful “side effects”:  living life with greater joy, ease, and abundance on all levels. Authenticity Rising offers a one-day, experiential seminar which helps empower you to step into your authenticity.

In this seminar, we help you to access and interpret your authentic voice; we guide you to recognize and engage the energetic support system surrounding you; and we offer you ways to step through fear so that you can move forward in ways that honor your authenticity.  You will leave this seminar with simple tools that you can apply in your daily life so that you embrace your authenticity and thrive.

Please join us on your journey. Rise to the occasion of your life! 

Christine Upchurch is an international healer, teacher, and author; she has a passion for helping others to step into their wholeness. Sabrina Fritts is an intuitive life coach, healer, and teacher; she has a passion for helping others to expand and allow more joy and ease in their lives. Christine and Sabrina are co-hosts of “Authenticity Rising” on Transformation Talk Radio. Visit their websites at, and


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